Why Xcross2D is a BIG Deal

Ben Taylor | June 17, 2022 | 2128 hits

First of all, thank you for reading this blog post. Xross2D is an exciting new tool for us, and we wanted to quickly share why.

The reason Xross2D is so important is because we did not develop it! Instead, we built it on top of a free and open source library called sectionproperties. This is a big deal, because one of our core philosophies is to embrace the open source paradigm. We know there are motivated and talented people out there willing to give their time and share their creations for nothing but the satisfaction of knowing they've done their part and made a useful contribution to the greater good. That is awesome!

One of our goals it to support and propagate the "greater good" by spreading awareness and implementing these awesome tools! We want everyone to know about these open source libraries, and we want to make them easier to use. So we started with Xross2D!

Thanks to the team at sectionproperties who made it possible to bring this functionality to CentricEngineers.com in record time and make it freely available to our users! That's something you can't beat, and we're planning to do more. There are other new tools coming soon that are also based on free and open source libraries. Stay tuned to CentricEngineers.com for more useful and exciting releases!

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Why Xcross2D is a BIG Deal

First of all, thank you for reading this blog post...

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