Centric Lite


Ideal for engineers with basic analysis needs or just want to try before you buy.


  • Access Free Programs (Limited Functionality)
  • Access tutorials
  • Receive email updates

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Centric Select


Ideal for all engineers, Instructor's and students with advanced analysis and pedagogical needs.

  • Perform Associative Analyses
  • Access to ALL programs
  • Access to Database and Storage (10 MB)
  • Access to Q&A Technical Forum
  • Access to Tutorials and Methods


Coming Soon!

Centric Advanced


Ideal for professional engineers or Institutes requiring advanced capabilities and storage needs.

  • Perform Associative Analyses
  • Vertical Integration with Third Party Software
  • Access to All Programs
  • Database and Storage (100 MB+)
  • Access to Q&A Technical Forum
  • Limited Software Assistance

Additional storage available upon request

Coming Soon!

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Centric Lite Centric Select Centric Advanced
Program Access (Limited)
Program Access (All Functions)
Access to Tutorials/Methods
Perform Associative Analyses
Centric Assistance (Limited)
Exetnded Database Storage
V.I.P: Vertical Integration w/ Programs
Save Analyses or Projects


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