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Free to use - No Reg Required
Free to use - No Reg Required
Finds ABD Stiffness Terms
Perform a Single Lug Analysis
Perform Material trade studies Bearing and Shear-Out Stress
Copies data to Excel Provides Margin Summary   
Define any type of Layup
Export Results to Excel
Save multiple materials Predefined Material Library

Free to use - Reg Req
Free to use - Reg Required
Calculates Long Plate Buckling Provides In-plane bolt forces
Supports Compression Loading Saves bolt force data
Predefined Material Definition Unlimited number of fasteners
Multiple boundary conditions Define any fastener pattern
Margin Summary  

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01 March 2020
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29 February 2020
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Welcome to the Centric Engineers blog! This technical blog provides tutorials, software-related theory and verification as well as technical articles that support the development and integrity of our products. The blog provides access to our communit...