Centric Engineers was founded in 2019! Our core ideology is to create and deliver a powerful suite of associative engineering software with an industry twist...make it accessible anytime, anywhere leveraging the Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture! Centric Engineers created a proprietary engineering software framework known as W.I.S.E©: a Web-Centric Interconnected Software Eco-system©. The W.I.S.E framework provides engineers the ability to exchange data between different programs effortlessly...establishing a symbiotic relationship between each program. W.I.S.E shares both design and analyses inputs and outputs while evaluating interrelated solutions for potential problems when your not. Germinating your solution into an interdisciplinary solution-set has never been easier with the W.I.S.E framework.

Our secondary ideology focuses on building a collaborative community that supports an open-source ideology. Centric Engineers believes the software of today should be readily accessible and open to all who are interested in developing a robust, error free software that can be trusted. Centric Engineers accomplishes this, in part, by empowering the enterprising engineer with access to the CE open-source library containing freely available python-driven engineering functions; functions that are merged into pre-existing code. This accelerates the engineer's own developmental tasks while simultaneously providing the checks and balances typically associated with open-source software.